Массовый подбор персонала и кадров

Regardless of your main activity, having at least half an hour of free time a week, you can attract new traders.
Becoming a representative partner of a large forex broker is a great opportunity to start your own business, even if it is raging around pandemic. You do not have to go to the office: it is enough to have access to the Internet, your own website or channel in the messenger on financial topics. However, even this is optional. IB with FxPro: the beginning of international cooperation

The global online broker FxPro is one of the world's best CFD trading services. So, this industry giant announces the expansion of its partner network, and you can become an FxPro partner today!

A referral system is one of the easiest and most effective ways to build your own online business. Regardless of your main activity, having at least half an hour of free time a week, you can attract new traders by posting your referral link on financial resources, social networks, chats or blogs.

If you already have a thematic site on which the FxPro banner will look appropriate, perhaps you will only need to hang it on the most visited pages so that new clients will go to fxpro.com using the built-in affiliate link. Such cooperation will be especially interesting for developers of trading robots, owners of rebate services and professional managers. Benefits of the program:

Available to everyone: it is enough to have access to the Internet;
Does not require financial costs: getting an affiliate link, banners and other materials is absolutely free;
Doesn't take much time: you can devote as much time to expanding your client network as you like;
It's very simple: you just need to maintain online interaction with the audience the way you usually do. However, now try to remember your affiliate link as often as possible and occasionally insert it into messages or articles;
Suitable for beginners: even if you do not have any knowledge of financial markets yet, you can still become our partner. For example, you can attach a link to your signature on any forums, put it in a status on social networks, place a banner on the site, etc. However, we recommend that you review the free training materials from FxPro to discover many more relevant opportunities;
Transparency: in the Partner's Personal Account, you can see detailed analytics on your work and track the results;
Endless possibilities: the more posts / articles you link to FxPro, the higher your popularity in the professional community. The wider your client network and the more transactions your clients make, the higher the commission;
Getting Started: If you don't know where to start, we have developed a series of FxPro Partner Tips emails especially for you. Sign up now to get basic recommendations for organizing effective work from the first days!
All partners are connected to the convenient FxPro Marketing Portal. There you can follow key updates, download branded presentations, banners, posters, widgets and much more. By the way, it is also easy to generate a unique affiliate link there in a second, without calling the manager! Become an FxPro partner.