The number of ethers that did not move for more than a year amounted to 60.4% of the total market supply of the cryptocurrency, follows from the data of the analytical company Glassnode.

EthHub founder Anthony Sassano wondered how this ratio would change with the advent of staking. It is provided in Ethereum 2.0 with the transition to the Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm. Glassnode data indicates an increase in the number of long-term Ether holders since the start of the bear market in 2018. Most of them did not capitulate during periods of price drop below $ 100 in December 2018 and March 2020. About 28% of coins were last moved between one and two years ago.

Sassano is most interested in the reaction to the emergence of staking in Ethereum 2.0 by coin holders who have not interacted with them for over five years. On October 12, the developers launched the final Zinken testnet before moving to phase zero of ETH2. It became the "dress rehearsal" for the creation of the Ethereum 2.0 genesis block. The network will operate in parallel with the existing Medalla testnet.