Заказать Интернет опрос

According to Mark Yusko, representing Morgan Creek, cryptocurrencies will finally replace fiat money over the next 30 years. The businessman expressed his forecast on the air of the Dash Dinheiro Digital channel. Yusko said that interest in cryptocurrencies is growing around the world. Parallelthere is a decrease in the use of cash. However, it cannot be guaranteed that only Bitcoin will benefit from declining interest in traditional payment instruments. People may start to use other cryptocurrencies more widely.

But BTC also has its drawbacks, Yusko noted. Compared to the Visa payment system, transactions on the bitcoin network take longer to process. However, BTC is much more secure. For example, the Visa system has been repeatedly attacked by hackers, and Bitcoin has never been hacked in its entire history. For example, in February, he stated that investors need to take advantage of periodic BTC kickbacks and purchase this cryptocurrency. In the long term, bitcoin will rise in price and by the end of this year may repeat the rally three years ago.