Trustee of the defunct cryptocurrency exchange Mt. Gox Nobuaki Kobayashi today released another notice postponing the deadline for submitting a civil rehabilitation plan for another two months.

"The trustee is currently draws up a civil rehabilitation plan, but in light of the existence of issues requiring more careful study, it became necessary to extend the deadline for submission, - said in a message on the website of Mt. Gox. - In light of the above, the trustee has filed an extension of the deadline for filing the civil rehabilitation plan with the Tokyo District Court. On October 14, Tokyo District Court issued an order extending the deadline for filing a civil rehabilitation plan until December 15, 2020. ” The previous decision to extend the deadline was made at the end of June. Earlier, Kobayashi referred to the need to assess users' requests for compensation, but since then his requests have lost their specifics. The civil rehabilitation process of Mt. Gox started back in August 2018, and trading on the exchange after losing 850,000 BTC was stopped in 2014.

Until mid-2018, Kobayashi sold the remaining Mt. Gox bitcoins on their own and raised $ 230 million, but this amount is not enough to cover the losses of creditors even at 2014 rates. Thus, users are entitled to another 140,000 BTC. The market impact of these coins when they do land in the wallets of the rightful owners has been the subject of long-term speculation in the community.