The CoinList token sale platform has updated the record for the daily emission of the Wrapped Bitcoin token (WBTC) backed by bitcoin. 4997 WBTC worth $ 57.1 million were released to the CoinList's head of financial products, Matthew Duvall, commented to CoinDesk that the company sees more balanced demand for WBTC.

According to the BTC on Ethereum service, the total value of WBTC reached almost $ 1.2 billion, followed by renBTC ($ 307.5 million), HBTC ($ 68.6 million) and sBTC ($ 27.8 million). The total capitalization of Ethereum tokens tied to the first cryptocurrency is $ 1.63 billion. In this market segment, WBTC's share is 72.8%. RenBTC - 19.6%, third HBTC - 4.24%. As a reminder, on September 24, the Three Arrows Capital crypto fund issued 2316 WBTC. FTX parent company Alameda Research broke the record with a total of 4,093.36 WBTC to the market.